Long Distance Dog Best Friends Speak Their Minds Via Video Call Goes Viral

These canine best friends teach us how to be good listeners and explain that distance truly does make the heart grow fonder.

On TikTok, a video call between Rollo and Sadie has received 22.3 million views and 6.3 million likes, making it one of the most popular videos ever. The video, which was uploaded to their account as @rolloandsadie, is filmed from Rollo’s point of view, beginning with him complaining and conversing with Sadie. She is paying close attention to her friend as she speaks on the laptop screen.



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Sadie shares her thoughts after Rollo gets his two cents in. Sadie lets out an emotional howl for nearly 20 seconds straight, clearly feeling all of her feelings about being away from her friend. Rollo keeps an attentive eye on the situation and shows respect for everything his friend has to say.

The pair posted a second video of the video chat session shortly after the first one, this time with Sadie’s perspective as she howls away.

Friendships haven’t always been broken up. We learn in a storytime video that was uploaded to their TikTok account that Rollo and Sadie became best friends after their mothers moved into the same house in 2020. They are seen playing together in their old yard in the TikTok video. Before Rollo moved three hours away, they lived together for two years.


Rollo and Sadie “catch up over FaceTime and meet up for fun adventures” despite not seeing each other every day. “because sometimes, you just need to snuggle your best friend” is the caption to a sweet photo of the couple cuddling up in the final few seconds of the TikTok video.