Why Do Horses Wear Blinders? Top 6 Reasons

Horses are strong, graceful, intelligent, and friendly. You can find them dancing in the show ring, pulling carriages, racing, and jumping incredible heights. But you might notice they are wearing an eye cover sometimes like blinkers, masks, or towels and wonder what they are for. This article will explain why covering horses’ eyes is so important and all with the goal in mind of answering: “Why do they cover horses’ eyes?”


Reasons Why Do Horses Wear Blinders

1. Focus: Horses wear blinders to help them focus on the task at hand, whether it’s racing or pulling a carriage. By limiting their field of vision, blinders prevent distractions and allow the horse to concentrate on the track or road ahead. Remember that horses have a wide field of vision (360-degree view) due to their large, wide-set eyes

2. Safety: Blinders help prevent horses from spooking or becoming easily startled by objects or movements in their peripheral vision. This can help reduce the risk of accidents and keep both the horse and rider safe.

3. Training: In some cases, blinders are used as a training aid to help horses stay focused and perform better during competitions or shows. By wearing blinders during practice sessions, horses can get used to the feeling and learn to stay calm and collected in high-pressure situations.

4. Reduce stress: For some horses, wearing blinders can help reduce anxiety and stress by limiting their exposure to potential triggers. This can be especially helpful in crowded or noisy environments where horses may feel overwhelmed.

5. Tradition: In certain equestrian disciplines, such as carriage driving or racing, wearing blinders is a long-standing tradition that is seen as an important part of the sport. While not all horses may need blinders, they are often used as a standard piece of equipment in these activities.

6. Protecting Eyes:


Blinders also serve a practical purpose in protecting the eyes of horses from dust, debris, UV rays, and other potential hazards while working or exercising outdoors. They act as a shield against environmental elements that could cause irritation or injury to the sensitive eyes of these majestic animals.

Overall, the reasons why horses wear blinders, that can help horses feel more comfortable, focused, and safe in a variety of situations, making them an important tool for horse handlers and riders.