20-Year-Old Dog ‘Confused and Heartbroken’ After Owners Surrender Him to Shelter

Working in an animal shelter can be a heartwarming and fulfilling experience that brings a lot of joy and satisfaction. It can also be challenging and emotionally taxing.

Just a few weeks ago heartbreaking footage emerged of a 20-year-old dog looking sad and confused after recently bringing him to an animal shelter.



Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Loxahatchee, Florida, posted a video in TikTok about Dax, a 20-year-old Weimaraner that was surrendered by his owners, after living with him for nearly two decades.

@bigdogranchrescuefl ????PLEASE WATCH-LISTEN-READ-SHARE This is DAX ???? a 20 year old Weimaraner surrendered by his owner and is now foster care with Big Dog Ranch Rescue. It is unfathomable to think about a loving loyal 20 year old senior dog, at the end of his life span, given up and left confused and heartbroken. ???? Please let Dax’s story be a reminder of the responsibilities of being a dog owner, physically and emotionally. They are not just dogs-they are our children and our family memebers who love us unconditionally and remain forever loyal, asking for little in return. ????Miracle Fund Donate: Link in Bio ☝???? ???? Adopt: www.BDRR.org/adopt ???? Foster: [email protected] ????Donate: www.bdrr.org/donate ????Venmo: @bigdogranchrescue ????CashApp: @bigdogranchrescue ????Zelle: [email protected] #bdrr #bigdogranchrescue #fyp #savedogs #trending #adoptme #dogrescue #viralvideo #adoptdontshop #shelterstories #seniordogrescue #Weimaraner #weimaranersoftiktok #weimaranerrescue #helpadoptme #miracledogs ♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

“It is unfathomable to think about a loving loyal 20-year-old senior dog, at the end of his life span, given up and left confused and heartbroken,” the shelter said in the video caption.

“There are some stories that break our hearts more than others,” the shelter said in the caption. “These are not dogs. These are our children. Please be responsible – a home should be forever.”



According to Newsweek, Big Dog Ranch Rescue is the largest no-kill, cage-free shelter in the country and they’ve saved over 50,000 dogs and also save animals after any natural disasters. The shelter is located in Palm Beach County, about 75 north of Miami, and another is located in Alabama.

The video had more than 80,000 views on TikTok and thousands of comments and likes as of July 13, some outraged and others want him to his home.

The staff of Big Dogs Rescue welcomed Dax with plenty of tender loving care. Dax did a comprehensive medical exam and turns out he has some problems with his back legs so luckily for Dax, he didn’t have to wait long, the nonprofit Love4Paws, helped raise money to get Dax some wheels for the longer journeys.



“He is incredibly sweet and just wants to be loved, but we can tell he is heartbroken,” Love4Paws wrote on Facebook. One of their board members also agreed to boost Dax until he found a new home.

“Dax still has a lot of life and love in him,” a rescue spokesperson told Newsweek. “He can get himself up onto a sofa and off again and is steady on his feet with a little assistance at first. He loves his toys and treats and is great with other dogs.”



According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, out of the 3.1 million dogs that enter shelters in the United States every year, only 25% of senior dogs are adopted. In contrast, younger dogs have a higher adoption rate of 60%, as previously reported by McClatchy News.

@bigdogranchrescuefl ????MIRACLES DO HAPPEN ???? DAX UPDATE ???? We are overjoyed to announce our beloved DAX has found a forever home! Yesterday, our dedicated team at Big Dog Ranch Rescue transported DAX from his temporary foster, Jozel who graciously cared for DAX while we searched to find the perfect home that would give DAX the love and care that he deserves for the remainder of his life. DAX was welcomed by his forever mother and his new siblings with loving open arms. We are so very grateful for this wonderful miracle! We cannot thank everyone enough for the outpouring of support in helping DAX on this journey and to ALL of those who offered to give DAX a home. ♥️ Through your support, we were able to provide DAX his necessary medication’s, supplies, food, a new wheelchair, new, orthopedic bed, and lots of toys for him to take to his new home! We are so very blessed that, TOGETHER we could give DAX this precious new life that he so deserves. THANK YOU ???????? ????Miracle Fund Donate: www.BDRR.org/miracle-fund ???? Adopt: www.BDRR.org/adopt ???? Foster: [email protected] ????Donate: www.bdrr.org/donate ????Venmo: @bigdogranchrescue ????CashApp: @bigdogranchrescue ????Zelle: [email protected] #bdrr #bigdogranchrescue #fyp #savedogs #trending #dogrescue #viralvideo #adoptdontshop #shelterstories #supportdogrescue #shelterstories #seniordogrescue #weimaraner #weimaranersoftiktok #weim #dogshelter ♬ Gentle and warm background piano(1262846) – Noru

Dax is now found his forever family where he seemed very happy with tail wagging to meet his new mom and four-legged siblings.

Thanks to donations, Dax has a new orthopedic bed, toys, medicines, and other supplies to start his new life. Big Dog Rescue also agreed to pay for the old dog Dax’s medical care for the rest of his life.

For Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Dax’s story serves as a reminder to other potential pet owners.

“Adopting older dogs can be rewarding and with many having more mellow personalities these animals make perfect companions,” the CEO of BDRR told Newsweek.

Before you bring any pet to your home, make sure to give them the care they deserve.