7 Top Quiet And Gentle Pet Bird Species

Adopting a pet bird is easy, but first, you need to choose what kind of birds are more friendly and gentle than the others who can be quite messy and cause a ruckus and may require a great deal of your time to maintain. Before all, is important to get full research about the bird’s requirements such as nutrition, housing, and attention.

Here are the top 7 of the most gentle birds that you can keep like other pets

1. Doves


Doves are sweet, very gentle, and medium-sized pet birds. They are also symbols of peace and love around the world. Doves do not demand a lot of attention as compared to other birds, dove can be the bird that you want. They grow to about 11 to 13 inches, dove often be with plumage of dull grays and browns and a black collar around the nape of the neck and some have mutations include, orange, pied and white plumage.



2. Pionus parrots

pixabay.com/ hbieser

Pionus parrots are beautiful, very quiet birds and midsized (11 inches) that are easy to raise. The Pionus parrots are highly intelligent and don’t like being mixed with other species, they want to be more independent. Pionus are also very active birds, the more you interact with your bird, the better a companion it will be.



3. Hyacinth Macaw

DickDaniels/Wikimedia Commons

Hyacinth Macaw considers of the largest parrots on earth up to 40 inches, is also named as the gentle giant. These parrots are sociable and friendly, they love nothing apart from spending their time cuddling and playing with their owners. They are a little harder to raise, but if you are able to meet their needs, that will make a good relationship with them

4. Finch

pixabay.com/ minka2507

The finch, also consider as the small birds with just 4 inches, these birds feel more comfortable and active when you bring a few flockmates and a proper flight cage, so they can get their exercise, and enjoy their cute chirps, though they are garrulous, have diminutive voices because they like to interact and socialize within their community.



5. Budgies

pixabay.com/ Lichtsammler

Budgies, also known as parakeets, are a good choice for you if want enjoys your free time with them because they love to play with their owners and they can learn how to talk with ease and can chatter with you throughout the day. Sometimes they might bite when they’re upset, but don’t worry about bites they are a rare occurrence. Therefore, It is considered one of the quietest and small birds, which grow between 6 to 8 inches.

6. Cockatiels

pixabay.com/ jlkramer

Cockatiels are beautiful birds and more enthusiastic, is also a very good choice if you are searching for a gentle and friendly bird. These birds are playful and active, also they are intelligent and rarely learn how to talk, and can copy household sounds like doorbell noises, telephones… and others.



7. Bourke’s Parakeets

Greg5030/Wikimedia Commons

Bourke’s parakeets are known for having a quiet and gentle demeanor, they grow between 7 to 9 inches. Although usually most active and chatty around dawn and dusk, their noise level is still much lower than other parrots. Also, they are social birds and easy to handle.