The Most Friendly Pet Fish (With Pictures!)

When it comes to choosing a pet fish, finding a friendly and sociable species can enhance your overall experience as a fish owner. While fish may not show the same level of interaction as dogs or cats, but some fish are known for engaging in interacting with their owners. Keep reading; we will discover some of the most friendly pet fish that can make great companions in your home aquarium.

Gourami Fish:

Gouramis are popular pet fish living in freshwater and are known for their friendly and pleasant nature. They are intelligent and curious and often approach their owners during feeding time. Gouramis enjoy interacting with humans and can recognize their owners over time.

Swordtail Fish:

Swordtails are known for their playful and active behavior. They often swim near the glass, eagerly observing their surroundings and interacting with their owners. Swordtails are generally peaceful and can be quickly responsive when approached.

Betta Fish:

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are renowned for their vibrant colors and unique personalities and is a freshwater. While males can be territorial towards other males, they can form a bond with their owners. Betta fish often show appreciation and respond to their owner’s presence. This fish is native to Southeast Asia, namely Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, and Indonesia.

Corydoras Catfish:

Corydoras catfish is a freshwater species of catfish that is not only peaceful but also highly friendly and easy to breed. They enjoy the company of their species and can often be seen swimming together in groups. Corydoras catfish are active bottom dwellers and can become accustomed to the presence of their owners.

Kuhli Loach:

Kuhli Loaches are very slender, eel-like fish with a playful and curious nature and live in freshwater. They enjoy exploring their area and interacting with their owners by swimming around their hands during tank maintenance. Kuhli Loaches are known to bond with their owners over time.


Goldfish have long been one of the most popular aquarium fish and are often chosen because they are adaptable, intelligent fish and are a hardy aquatic species. They can recognize their owners and approach them during feeding time. Goldfish also respond to visual stimuli, making them engaging companions.

Cherry Barb:

Cherry Barbs are small, colorful fish known for their peaceful nature and playful behavior and is a tropical freshwater fish. They are sociable and enjoy swimming together in a shoal. Cherry Barbs can become accustomed to their owners and may interact with them during aquarium maintenance.


Rainbowfish are active, schooling fish that thrive in groups. They are known for their friendly disposition and mixed colors. Rainbowfish often show playful behavior and have been observed interacting with their owners through glass.

Zebra Danio:

Zebra Danios are active and playful fish that enjoy swimming and get on well with most fish in a community aquarium. They are known for their shoaling behavior, and a group of Zebra Danios can create an engaging and active display. The zebra Danios are diurnal, which means they’re more active in the day.


Platies are peaceful and friendly fish that can be pretty interactive. They are known for their playful and energetic nature. Platies often approach their owners and can be trained to eat from their hands.

While fish can not show the same level of affection and interaction as other pets, they are also friendly and sociable and can provide engaging companionship in your home aquarium. Remember that each fish has its own personality, so it’s important to spend time observing and interacting with them to improve the bond between you and them. With proper care and attention, these sociable pet fish can bring joy and interactivity to your aquatic hobby.