6 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Cat

Sassy, cuddly, charming, and smart, when hearing these traits for the first time, you think they’re cats. Cats are considered wonderful companions for all ages, and she is also the cure of stress, like cuddling them can be a super relaxing practice, and the sound of their purr can help you calm down. And bringing a new cat to your home is a good and monumental decision.

Many people getting a cat without considering the financial aspect of providing perfect care for the cat because like I say they are soo cuddly and cleanly. If you are thinking of getting a cat here are some important things that you need to know before you make that decision.

1. This is a life-long commitment

Cats can live up to 20 years. That means you should provide your cat with food, veterinary, shelter throughout this period. If you can’t commit for that long, adopting an older cat is better for you, even she’s old still full of love to give, and quieter.

2. Cats are costly

Have you any idea about the cost of owning a cat? The cost can be varied accordingly to the quality of food, accessories, and toys you want to provide for your cat. That can be between $900 and $1,500 a year or more in case of health emergency treatments it might be up to $2,000.



3. You should be spayed or neutered your cat

if you think to get just one cat in your home you should to naturing or spaying it. Cats can have up to six kittens twice a year that can make more costing unless you are planning to start selling them. Spayed a cat can be a healthier operation, protecting the cat from infections

4. Leave their Claws.

Declawing a cat is an awful practice. People think this operation is a simple surgery that removes a cat’s nails, but actually like you having your fingernails trimmed. In the nature of cats, they scratch their claws on trees and any other material rough to keep them sharp, so you need a small scratching post to stretch while sharping its claws, you can find them on any pet store. If you don’t buy this item your cat can use your sofa or any furniture think suitable for scratching. So, if you want to cut their claws do it with the appropriate scissors or veterinary help.



5. Set up a schedule.

The important thing you should do with any pet is to set up a feeding routine and try to respect it as much as possible also to them know there is a regular feeding time. If you don’t know what good food is for your cat, take a veterinarian’s advice on the type of cat food to serve your pet.
Don’t forget to give some water to your cat to drink as dried food can make it thirsty and when you are not at home, let someone to taking care of your cat with a similar schedule.

For your knowledge: There are certain foods that are dangerous for your cat like grapes and raisins include elements a cat’s digestive system cannot handle.

6. Cats are predators

bringing a cat to your home is like bringing a professional hunter, make sure you will find dead animals and insects everywhere. The cats’ hunting instinct is still strong despite being an indoor pet. Anything small that moves they will catch it because she is curious, so you need to buy a toy to grab its attention in case she catching an animal or to keep itself busy. Never get mad at your cat, it’s in its nature to haunt