5 Reasons Why Cats Lick You

Many people think that when animals lick us, like when we give hugs to each other they show their love or there’s something else. But that can be uncomfortable especially for cats when doing that too much. So you need to know why they do that, there are 5 of the most common reason.

1. Memories of Kittenhood

Your cat licks you for one reason, she accepts you as a member of her family and feels completely at ease in your presence. You have often seen cat mothers lick their kittens to clean them and feel safer, and now your cat is showing you affection the best way as his mother does.



2. Mine, Mine, All Mine

Cats lick things to mark it as their own with her scent, which tells other cats to stay away because this is her property. mother cats do the same to their kittens to prove they belong to her. So she licked you to bond the two of you together.

3. Pacifier Substitute

Cats who have been taken away from their mother or who were orphaned develop an oral fixation that makes them susceptible to excessive lickers. They didn’t get enough of suckling, and licking can be a soothing comfort for that. Also, you can see some signs like kneading accompanied by pleased purring.



4. She’s Seeking Attention

When your kitty feels bored, anxious, or lonely, she will begin licking you to get your attention, which means she wants to play or be petted. In other cases, too much stress-induced licking, whether it’s grooming herself or grooming your face, may mean that your cat is stressed, so try giving her more attention and affection to soothe her

5. Why It Hurts

People feel a little hurt when their cat licks them, simply because cat tongues have backward-facing hooks that are made of keratin designed for the removal of dirt and clean their fur like a comb. So your cat is feeling good by licking you, she doesn’t know she hurting you, don’t be mad.