Things You Should Know Before Getting a Guinea Pig

If you thinking to get a small pet, I advise you to raise the guinea pig they are cute and soft, but you need to know things about it before choosing a guinea pig as a pet. Many people think is like any other small pet, make a cage, give him food, water, and your cleaning services, and that is it. They need plenty of love and attention from you to get their love too and feel comfortable in their new home

1. How long do guinea pigs live?

In comparison with other small pets like mice and rats who live only two to three years, the guinea pig live longer around five to seven years, sometimes longer with good care, not like dog or cats of course, but be prepared to provide care over the long term.


2. Guinea Pigs Are Social

Guinea pigs are very social animals and If you are thinking about getting a guinea pig, realize you will really need a pair because they will not be happy alone. Some guinea pigs won’t get along with other guinea pigs just if you introduce them as babies or getting two at the same is the best way to they can grow up together. They also guinea pigs love socializing and bonding with their human by giving them affection and tenderness

3. Guinea Pigs Need a Large Cage

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Guinea pigs need a big space for living, many pet stores sell cages but not bigger enough, especially if you have a pair. So you need a big cage or you can make one by yourself is the best way comparing with they size who they can’t escape and is easy, don’t forget to make a place in the cage for exercise they will love that.



4. Guinea Pigs Noises

Guinea pigs vocalize a lot especially when they are group making a sound called “wheeling”, often make that sound when they are hungry, excited, or need some attention, and sometimes he can make a king of growl when he is frightened, so you need to get your attention to any noises that signify discomfort or fear.

5. Guinea Pigs Are Easy to Tame

Guinea pigs are easy to tame compared with other animals, at the first time you get one to your house may be nervous and skittish, but with some love and gentle handling, they will love you. Before you do this, make sure to give him the space to feel comfortable adapting to their new house

6. Guinea Pig Require Vitamin C

Guinea pigs like humans can’t make their own vitamin C. They need to get it from their diet. Choosing good quality food and fresh is important, leafy greens are great sources of vitamin C, especially salad peppers, spinach, asparagus, parsley, and broccoli… also some owners choose to give their animals a vitamin C supplement by adding to water or drops you put straight into their mouths, but make sure to ask the vet for how much your guinea pigs needs of vitamin C.