How To Get A Dog To Trust You

We all probably had the experience of seeing a dog of our friends or someone else and trying to flirtation with him but, he completely ignores us or tries to run away, this also applies to adult rescue dogs. And we take this situation on personally and think that the dog doesn’t like us because we’re looking to them like human perspective when we meet each other we shake hand and we introduce ourselves easily. Dogs don’t have that rules like us and this make people find it difficult to get close to dogs

Many of us approach a dog for the first time and start to talk with him in a high voice or reach out toward the dog’s head. So do we know that the dog doesn’t want to have anything to do with the human?

So there are things you should learn to get a dog’s trust, whether it was a meeting friend’s dog on the street or bringing a new dog into your house.



1- Let them come to you

If the dog comes to you and he sniffs your hand, stays calmly and you saw his tail flutter that means he accepted you, then you can pet him, but just pet the front of his chest and never touch an uncommon dog from above. So if he turns his head away or doesn’t pay any attention, means he’s not interested.

2- Respect their space

The first thing you need to do is no talk, no touch, no eye contact with the dog. If you want to ask the owner of the dog if I can greet his dog, talk to the person and ignore the animal and also avoid standing too close to the dog. Leave always some feet between you and the dog before getting the order to approach.



3- Stay calm

Stay calm and speak softly, so as not he think that you are in a state of excitement because that can make the dog excited and give an unwanted greeting, like jumping up on you. Also can trigger a dog’s fight instinct if a stranger with high energy approaches

4- Go for a walk

the first meeting whit a new dog, you need to follow the steps that Listed in this article and let them come to you for a while after they’ve moved into your home. Always remember the best and important way to earn trust’s dog is to take him on walks because, in the dog world, the followers approach the leaders and not the other way around. Then he learns that you can give him protection and direction then quickly he will feel safe when he’s with you